Frequently Asked Questions

About the Rental

What are the amenities available in the car?

There are automatic, air conditioner, power steering, power window, remote lock, radio & audio for all cars. Bluetooth and a powered sheet are available for some.

Can I request a specific model? (i.e. Toyota Corolla)

In general, we do not accept requests for a specific model. You will only be able to choose a class.
Although you can state your preference upon reservation, we cannot guarantee that your preferred model will be prepared.

I am a beginner driver with the experience of less than a year. Can I still rent?

Yes. However, the additional insurance fee will be charged for drivers from 21 to 24 years old. We cannot rent to 20 years and younger due to state law.

Can I rent with only the international driver's license?

No. In Hawaii, you must bring a driving license from your country (valid), and passport (copy acceptable), or an international driving license.

About Departure and Return

Do we have to fill up the gas before returning the car?

If you are not able to do so, we will calculate based on the traveled distance. The fuel bill will be borne by the customer.

Are you going to bring the car to the airport or hotel?

We do not have a dispatch service to the airport or the hotel. However, there is a free shuttle service to the hotel in the Waikiki area. As for the Honolulu Airport Office, please use the pick-up/shuttle service at the individual exit.

Can I extend the rental?

Please contact us beforehand about the extension. We may not be able to extend depending on the reservation status. Please make a reservation with plenty of time. (Overdue penalty will be charged for extension without permission.)

When do I pay the fee? Can I use a credit card?

After you submit the reservation request and it is accepted, you will be able to pay with the credit card information entered upon request.
Upon reservation request, you can use the applicant's own VISA/MC/JCB cards (no debit card).
Upon contract, you may be asked to pay additional charges for insurance for a driver 24 years or younger, additional driver registration, or car navigation.
For cancel, a refund will be done to the credit card according to the cancel policy.
We will calculate the overtime fee, fuel fee, etc. when you return the car.

Will there be additional fee for returning to a different location than where I started the rental?

There will be no additional fee for rental of 3 or more days.

Can I rent from the opening hour and/or use the shuttle service?

We do not usually offer a shuttle transportation within 1-mile radius from our Waikiki office.
If you need assistance, please contact us ahead of time.
Please specify the preferred shuttle transportation time upon making a reservation. The shuttle transportation service starts 15 minutes after beginning of the business hour.
We do not offer airport shuttle service.

Is there a mileage restriction?

No, there is no limit to how much you can drive.

Could you hold on to our car while renting?

You can park your car at our Waikiki Office at a low rate. However, we do not take any responsibility for car theft or accidents that take place at the parking.

I want to use the parking at Waikiki Office.

For customers using our service, it is available for $20/day in cash. You can take the car in and out for 24 hours after the initial parking.
Please let us know your request upon contracting.

Do I need additional insurance?

Our rate includes full-cover insurance. There is no need for addition. You can check the details on our website.

How long does it take to complete the contract?

Depending on the crowd, it would take 10 - 20 minutes.

Is the car navigation in English?

In general, the navigations we provide are equipped with Japanese audio and text. The navigation supports multiple languages.

How many hours can I rent for a day?

We calculate our rate per 24 hours. Also, the departure and return will be done at Waikiki Office. Honolulu Airport Office will be open based on the reservations.

Are the cars automatic?

Yes, all the cars are automatic.

How much baggage can I fit?

Although we don't know for sure until we actually try it, there are estimations on our website.
For customers using the Honolulu Airport Office, we recommend that you choose a class with plenty of space, as you might carry suitcases.